The MyRackspace control panel (MyRack) is the primary entry point for Rackspace's massive base of dedicated hosting customers. In MyRack, customers can manage their configurations, set up access rules, spin up new devices, create tickets, pay their bill, connect to the Rackspace Open Cloud and many other features. All wrapped up in a tidy user interface.

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Cloud Control Panel

The Next Generation Cloud Control Panel is the new web application that customers use to manage their Rackspace Cloud products and account.


  • Simple, Intuitive, and Fanatical – This control panel was designed to be easy to use.
  • Open Cloud Products – This is the only UI for Rackspace new products, such as Next-Gen Cloud Servers, Cloud Databases, and Cloud Monitoring.
  • Built for Speed – This control panel was built to be faaaast.
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Classic Cloud Control Panel

The Rackspace Classic Cloud Control Panel allows Rackspace customers that are not yet consuming our Open Cloud based product suite a web interface to manage their infrastructure. In addition, the Classic Cloud Control Panel is the primary entry point for Rackspace's large CloudSites customer base.

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Yahoo Finance

Quite simply, the biggest, broadest, best finance site on the web. Number 1 in terms of page views, audience size, time spent, uniques and just about any other metric that matters. I was honored to work with a fantastic team of engineers, user experience folks, quality engineers and product managers on this juggernaut of a web site. As one of the Software Architects, it was my job to make sure that the site scaled, screamed, streamed data in real time, from every exchange on the planet.

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Yahoo Shine

  • Major new media site initiative at Yahoo! aimed at women
  • Largest women oriented site on the web
  • Project launch: March 31, 2008

Oh, and I'm hiring. Like crazy! Work for Rackspace

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Hi, my name's Brian.

I am the Director of Control Panel Engineering for the Rackspace, the Open Cloud Company. I am a seasoned software professional that slings code, build teams, launch products and fosters a passion for continuous improvement. Before Rackspace, I had a hand in creating 3 of the largest web properties in existence while I was a Senior Software Architect at Yahoo.

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