Director of Engineering for the Rackspace Cloud. Proven technical team lead delivering highly performant, attractive, responsive web scale applications for Rackspace's cloud customers.

Experienced software executive leading multiple teams building applications using cutting edge web technologies.

I have been a part of teams that have built some of the largest consumer web properties in the world.

Expert front end engineer specializing in unobtrusive javascript, ajax, dom scripting, progressive enhancement, accessibility, semantic markup, css, php and xslt.


devops, node.js, python, openstack, ajax, dom scripting, javascript, accessibility, semantic markup, css, front end engineering ninja, php, xslt

Hi, my name's Brian.

I am the Director of Control Panel Engineering for the Rackspace, the Open Cloud Company. I am a seasoned software professional that slings code, build teams, launch products and fosters a passion for continuous improvement. Before Rackspace, I had a hand in creating 3 of the largest web properties in existence while I was a Senior Software Architect at Yahoo.

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